Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wine Cork Earring Organizer

For the longest time, my earrings have been in a tangled mess because I stuffed them into a tiny box. They were all loose and it was hard to find a matching pair. I've seen cork boards made out of corks before but up until now I hadn't thought of using one for my earrings. It keeps them all organized and I can see all of them. I just keep the backings in a separate container. 

This is a really simple craft. It only took me a couple minutes to make. You'll need some wine corks, a piece of cardboard or wood, and a glue gun. I found these corks at a recycle store so you don't even have to save them up for a long time to do this.  

Arrange the corks on the cardboard before you glue them down so that you know how big it will be.

Once you've decided how you want the corks to look. Just glue them down. 

Then you're ready to put you're earrings in :) 
For some earring that don't have very strong posts or hooks, you may need to use a pin to make holes for them.
Then you're done! Now just hang it on the wall.
                It's so incredibly easy. Also what I love about it, is that it holds every kind of earring. It holds studs, hooks, and even hoop earrings.

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