Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wine Cork Earring Organizer

For the longest time, my earrings have been in a tangled mess because I stuffed them into a tiny box. They were all loose and it was hard to find a matching pair. I've seen cork boards made out of corks before but up until now I hadn't thought of using one for my earrings. It keeps them all organized and I can see all of them. I just keep the backings in a separate container. 

This is a really simple craft. It only took me a couple minutes to make. You'll need some wine corks, a piece of cardboard or wood, and a glue gun. I found these corks at a recycle store so you don't even have to save them up for a long time to do this.  

Arrange the corks on the cardboard before you glue them down so that you know how big it will be.

Once you've decided how you want the corks to look. Just glue them down. 

Then you're ready to put you're earrings in :) 
For some earring that don't have very strong posts or hooks, you may need to use a pin to make holes for them.
Then you're done! Now just hang it on the wall.
                It's so incredibly easy. Also what I love about it, is that it holds every kind of earring. It holds studs, hooks, and even hoop earrings.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Only 300 more to go...

This is a little project that I started this year and being the 65th day of the year I thought it was a good day to show it to you. Honestly, at the beginning of the year I didn't think I would do it everyday but it's worked out well so far. It's amazing how much you have to be grateful for when you actually think about it. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birthday Card

My little sister is a teenager today and she's not even here to celebrate it :(. This is the Birthday card that I'm giving her when she gets home though. I love buttons but I don't use them much so when I saw this: http://radiantrhino.blogspot.ca/2013/02/button-balloon-cards.html I got an idea. I just printed out a silhouette of a girl with balloons, cut off the balloon part, and replaced it with buttons. 
I drew the lines with pencil first and marked where I wanted the buttons to go. Then I went over the lines with a sharpie and sewed on the buttons. This is what the inside of the card looks like. I'm probably going to cover it with a piece of paper and write a verse there or something. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Necklace Rack

Here is a simple necklace organizer made out of a small piece of drift wood  with wooden pegs glued onto it. I've also seen it made with old cabinet knobs found at a re-use store. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old Paint Can = Flower Pot

Have an old paint can that you feel could be used for something? I think it makes a cute flower pot :)

All you need is a potted plant to go in it. 

Some plastic bags to put in the bottom if your pot is not as big as your can

And you're done

I hung mine up because I don't have any table space left in my room:p

Renewed Picture

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and constant in prayer" ~ Romans 12:12
This used to be a cheap picture of flower in a vase. I was getting worn and dull so to freshen it up I painted it white, wrote the words with pencil first, and then filled them in with permanent  marker. 

Lace Shirt

This is the shirt I made a couple weeks ago. It was really simple.  It's made with two layers, one lace (aka table cloth haha) and one white polyester. The whole torso is one piece and I cut holes for the neck and to add sleeves. I also made it a little too short at first :p so I had to add a panel to the bottom.