Monday, February 25, 2013


These were really easy to make. The black one is made out of a scrap of leather and the red one is cardboard covered in material. You just cut out little sheets of paper and hot glue them into the fold of the cover. Then put a small pin whole in the cover for the chain. 

This necklace was inspired by my older sister Sarah. Years ago in the summer I remember we would chase around "wishes" (dandelion seeds) and when we caught them we would think of a wish in our heads and blow them away again. Of course we could never tell each other what these wishes were because then they wouldn't come true. So now I can carry a "wish" around my neck. I made this with a miniature bottle from the dollar store that used to have glitter in it. I filled it with the "wishes", glued the cork in, and stuck wire into the cork for the loop.


Rich-Cher A said...

Nice! I think you gave Laura a necklace with a bottle of Brampton dirt in it when we left :) I really like the scarf you made for her this Christmas - it's beautiful! I think you should also put a picture of the shirt you made on here - I had heard that you made the lace shirt/blouse you were wearing in church when we were back - and without a pattern! It looked really nice - you have a talent!

Elisa said...

Thank-you. I remember that too now :) and yes, I'll post the shirt soon.